Maybe it’s high time we stopped being boobs about naked boobs


You probably all remember that old Fugs classic Boobs-a-Lot. What? You don’t? Never mind. I only thought of it because it brought to mind an erudite and honest column (as only she can write) by my FB and Blogger friend Lori Welbourne.

In The right to bare chests Ms. Welbourne takes the part of the women who recently demonstrated to demand their right to go topless in public just like the boys do. Now, I am about to thoroughly agree with her Province column yet I am also realistic enough to know that I must be delicate about the matter and not lapse into any “show us yer tits, love” palaver. I mean this quite seriously.

Mother Breast Feeding Baby...Mother Breast Feeding Baby --- Image by  Brooke Fasani/CORBIS

Mother Breast Feeding Baby…Mother Breast Feeding Baby — Image by Brooke Fasani/CORBIS

The argument raised recently by advocates of a woman’s right to bare her upper storey is that if men can go bare-chested in public, then so should women have the right to do so. Actually, through the 1920s men did not have that right, either. But that is a different story.

Anyway, over this weekend the issue of naked breasts came to the fore again when sisters Alysha, Tameera and Nadia Mohamed kicked the bare boobies hornet’s nest in Waterloo, Ontario, in which they set in place a major topless protest after having been ordered by a cop to cover up, despite the fact that topless exposure for women has been legal in Ontario since 1996.

Anyhow, it is an argument that will never truly be won due to conflicting and strong opinions on the matter of nudity, especially public nudity. As for the political aspects of the argument I shall leave you to visit Ms. Welbourne’s article. It is worthy and sensible and I fully agree. What I’d like to do is offer my perspective on an important aspect from perhaps a male perspective. pritesters

My point being that breasts are unlike kneecaps and elbows in that they are a significant sexual attractant. Artists since the beginning of time have known that, and lustful males as well as gay and bi women know that. Tits are fun. They are sexy and they are a turn-on. And no matter how much you politicize the matter they remain something to be looked upon often in a salacious manner.

My suggestion is that people – and especially North American males – should become more comfortable with nude breasts. Allow them to become a little more commonplace. Their beauty can still be admired much as one never grows weary of a pretty face. But, make less of a ‘deal’ of them and this creates the strongest argument for women who choose to be allowed to be topless. Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, but it does breed familiarity.

In doubt? Go to a topless bar and see how quickly you actually become bored. Go to a nudist beach and see how the impulse to ogle wanes quickly. I personally have no trouble with nudity, either my own or another’s and ultimately it’s a matter of being human and in the company of another human au naturel , I have taken nude art classes and I found, almost to my astonishment, that in short order I didn’t dwell on the mammalian aspects of the model any more than any other part of her. I had a job to do and that was to reproduce an image of her, which would include her breasts but not just her breasts, or her pubic area.

Maybe it’s high time we just grew up.


7 responses to “Maybe it’s high time we stopped being boobs about naked boobs

  1. “The word “mammary” is similar to “mammal” because our classification in the animal kingdom is named after our glands. The presence of sweat glands is a distinguishing characteristic for mammals. The glands and ducts of the female breast are similar to sweat glands.”
    Just a tidbit of info. I personally would not go completely topless as at 63 my breasts are no longer pert and look very forlorn. When I lay down they tend to hide in my armpits. Not gonna subject anyone to my breasts!

  2. I agree with you. People should grow up…Recently I was at a public event at which a tall woman confessed to me that she enjoyed looking down my shirt. I said nothing, as she was a stranger. While part of me is glad that at my age, someone may be still want to give me the once over, I thought her remark was a bit tacky…

    Because I am in a wheelchair, my vantage point is different and while there was nothing noticeably see-through or provocative about my shirt, I wish she’d shown a bit more finesse. I am, after all, greater than the sum of my pretty face and a nice set of boobs.

    • I confess to having looked down a number of women’s tops over the years (similar vein to glimpsing up a skirt) but have never been overt enough to mention it to the woman. And she did lack considerable finesse in that regard. So, my friend, could you send me your email address.? I don’t seem to be able to access your blog and I’d really like to keep dialogue open with you. Send it, if you would, to mine I like to keep in touch with people whose wisdom I value.

  3. Gladly, though I have no idea what the problem is with the blog. Sorry.

  4. People do meed to,grow up. At the same time, a wholw lot of men shouldn’t be wandering down the street topless. There are things nobody needs to see, even if it is legal.

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