If there is a Good Lord, may he bless and keep you, wonderful dog


At the end of his oh-too-brief life I simply kissed Mr. Max on the muzzle and said: “I love you, Baby, and I’ll always love you.” And then the vet came into the room and did what we had given him leave to do.

And I am not ashamed to say it was the most heart-wrenching moment of my life in my recall. I felt no such sense-of-loss when my parents died. That perhaps says something about either them or me, I don’t really care what it says. I still cannot get my head around the fact that Max will never again be with me.

I have had people in my life whom I have loved dearly, and still have some of them. And I have had pets – I’m a big animal lover – that also meant the world to me. But there was something about Max that was unique and made his presence in our home a blessing from the first day we encountered him in his little slammer cell at the SPCA. I knew in my gut and my soul he was the one.

Despite his mongrel heritage, he was a very, very handsome critter. Everybody said so. And he was ‘nice’, oh so nice. “Max is a gentleman,” said the neighbor who was charged with his care when we went on vacation. And he was.

In all the years we had (too few) he never damaged anything, he never climbed on the furniture, not that we would have really cared. He was never loud and barky. He was scrupulously clean. In truth, he was minus any of the flaws that other dog owners must contend with.

And he was friendly. Oh so friendly, and that was why everybody knew ‘Max’ and everybody loved him with a vengeance.

I could write much more but my eyes are getting bleary and I know they will for a time. I just wanted to leave a few words of testament to an amazingly wonderful dog and I only hope the pain in my heart will abate in time.

We were honored” by having Max in our lives, said Wendy, and I could not state the reality better.

Rest in Peace my dear, dear boy, and thank you for all you gave us. I only wish it could have been for longer.


21 responses to “If there is a Good Lord, may he bless and keep you, wonderful dog

  1. I’m crying reading this. Crying again for Max, and for you, and for Wendy. I know too well the pain you feel and though it will lessen with time it will somehow forever remain a tender spot upon your heart. As it should be. Rest in peace dear Max, rest.

  2. oh crap…I’m in tears on your behalf…So sorry for you and Wendy…I know the anguish of making this decision. May Max rest in peace.

    I got your e-mail…will answer when I can. Best to you both.

  3. Tears are flowing for you, Ian. I so understand your heartache and feel for you.

  4. I really have no reply to this, other than to say, I’m crying and missing all those good dogs in our lives who have gone, too soon, to chase rabbits through the fields of Elysium. Hugs to you and Wendy.

  5. I feel very much like dear K. Bannerman up there; I have no real reply to this. Except that I’m crying, too. All sniffy out here for you, Wendy, and Max. I have no doubt Lionel and Daisy are showing him the ropes. They were special, too. Some souls are our true mates, whatever body they happen to inhabit.

    Hugs, dear Ian.

    • I think you are right, dear friend. Max’s soul was the best friend I had ever had. We always ‘got’ each other. Personally I think he was a bit more stable than I am.

  6. An addendum about Max and with no exaggeration, in all the years we had him he never had bad doggie breath, he never smelled like wet dog, even if he had been in the water, he never rolled in stuff, he never ate poop and he never farted.

  7. *Sniff sniff* You made me cry. I have been through this way too many times being an animal “rescue” personality type. Most of my pets have been cats, but several dogs also blessed my life. Most lived to be 15-18 human years old and I enjoyed the love of each and every one. I have never let them leave our world alone, always I was at their side.
    I understand your sorrow.

  8. I am so very sorry….he was your special boy. Handkerchief employed here too.

  9. I’m so, so sorry, Ian and Wendy. I know how very much you loved Max, and I know that he loved you back just as much.
    And that’s all that matters, ever.
    Sending you many hugs.

  10. There are no words that can take away the pain of losing such a great dog. I am teary just writing this and my heart breaks for you both. Sending huge hugs.

  11. Hi, have been out of the loop for a bit, I just wanted to tell you that I’m so very sorry for your loss. It’s always painful to say goodbye to a cherished friend, furry or otherwise. Cried reading your tribute…it really does bring up all those old feelings of loss all over again.
    Max sounded like a wonderful dog and a great companion. You were lucky to have each other. xx

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