Random musings about life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge



Dear God, or whoever is going to be in charge of our cherished Max:

Just wanted to say that there are a few things you should know about one of the finest canines you ever created.

While he is a big and handsome creature and mighty smart and showing all the doggy traits you might expect, it must be said that Max is eccentric. At first this confused us.

So, if you head out with him to the Elysian Fields and expect him to chase balls or sticks, forgetaboutit. Throw a ball and Max will look at your hand, not the projectile. The only meaning a stick has for him is if you throw it down in the heavenly backyard so he can chew it. He’ll do that. Not a lot, but a bit.

Don’t be giving him squeaky or chewy toys. He just doesn’t ‘get’ them. Out earthly home is littered with doggie playthings we got early on. They have remained virtually unmolested through the years (too few) he was with us.

Oh, and wildlife. That is joke. Rabbits can do the can-can in front of him and he merely looks at them with bemusement. Squirrels and cats he can sometimes give chase to, but only if they run and taunt him, otherwise, nature’s creatures can rest assured they are safe with Max. While he was with us the only exception he made about wild critters was for raccoons, which he detested with a vengeance. I understand that, of course, because raccoons are spawn of Satan. Oh, and one time he had a confrontation with a big doe on Whitby Island during a vacation trip. She scared the crap out of him.

I don’t know if you serve puppy treats in dog heaven, but be assured they can be left out with easy access and Max will never steal them. He never once swiped a single item of food the entire time he was on earth.

Don’t get the idea that Max was a canine saint, however. We thought he was, but we were biased. While he liked most people and other dogs, he did make exceptions as follows. Max did not like:

– teenage boys. But who does? Girls were fine.

– Puppies. He expected them to be disciplined and if their owners weren’t going to do it, he sure as hell was.

– he seemed to like little children, but didn’t quite ‘get’ them or what they were for.

He did like:

– old guys. I don’t know if that is a reflection on me or not, but if a geezer approached Max he was bound to like him.

– ladies in general, of all ages. I periodically thought that if I had been single that once I had Max in tow, I would never be dateless. Met all sorts of charming women, thanks to him.

– other dogs. Mature, well-disciplined canines were his forte. And he had a few absolute favorites, like Abby (whom he adored and she also passed much too early), and Jake and Meatloaf and Zoey, all of whom are gone now. The old gang was broken up by mortality and I only hope they are all playing together once again.

– running on a sandy beach hell-bent-for-leather.

– walkies, in the NE Woods especially.

– traveling. He was a wonderful vacation dog, always open to new adventures.

– and at the end of the day a good scratch behind the ears.

Whatever the case, we’ll see you again, Baby, and we’ll know you have behaved yourself. That’s just in your nature.


12 responses to “Random musings about life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge

  1. A lovely tribute…

  2. Lovely and loving tribute to your wonderful Max.

  3. A sweet tribute to Max

  4. *sniff*

    May we be the people are dogs believe us to be.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Ian. I know you must miss him terribly and, selfishly, it makes me dread going through that again. Dylan is 10 and I am willing him to live until he’s 20!

  6. Max’ll cope…he’ll have the place trained in no time – in a gentlemanly fashion – so that it’s ready for you in due course.

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