I’m tired of the matter. Do we have to keep going on and on and on and on and on about it?


I dunno about you but I am growing weary of all the marijuana bullshit being foisted on everyone. If they had never rendered the crap illegal – which had no logic in the first-place, especially in a booze-inundated society – then I (for one, and I’m the only one who counts here as this is my screed) wouldn’t need to be bored senseless virtually every time I pick up a newspaper or watch a TV news broadcast.

Cannabis sativa‘. Despite its hipster associations, has been around since before biblical times and it’s not really that exciting. And get this – pot, grass, weed, mary-jane, locoweed, whatever you want to call it has one and basically only one main purpose – you smoke it and you get high. It may have some subsidiary benefits in pain-relief, but so does a shot of scotch. It does not cure all known diseases, despite what its advocates attest re ‘medical marijuana’. As I suggested, it plays a role as an analgesic, and not much more.

You may choose to dispute what I write in that regard and you are entitled to do so.FreakBrosGreetingCardMoneyNoDope frewak bros

Have I, like, toked, dude? In the day, yes. And, unlike Bill Clinton, I inhaled. But, I honestly never liked it. It depressed me, and sometimes made me anxious. It also made me want to have sex with any female within my proximity. So, I eschewed pot and stuck with booze – which also got me into no end of trouble, ultimately.

But, marijuana as an editorial or conversational subject is boring, and marijuana in itself is pretty boring – almost as boring as the conversations of those who are gooned on the stuff, or the conversations of those who believe it will save the world.

Now, to set a few things straight. I fully support the legalization of marijuana because it bemuses me that it was ever rendered illegal, and I find it a disgusting travesty that people were once jailed regularly for simple possession. But, I honestly don’t care what substance people use and have no problem seeing everything legalized other than child molestation. It’s your body, do what you want with it. Just don’t rip off my TV in order to feed your stupid habit.

Something else to set straight is the misapprehension that cannabis is a non-addictive substance. Not so. It is, like all drugs – booze is the worst and kills more people than all other drugs combined – pot is perilous. Addictions counselling I had clients who were wired on pot and only on pot and went through classic withdrawal and relapse in their attempts to quit. Most don’t become addicts, much as 80% or so drinkers don’t become alcoholic. But that factor is there. Pot is also highly contraindicated for young people whose brains are as yet not fully formed. Lots of potential threat there.

Of course the current zeitgeist is so-called ‘medical’ marijuana dispensaries of the sort that have proliferated in larger centres like Vancouver and Victoria. Right, people shop there strictly for therapeutic supplies, which must, of course, be smoked, not consumed in another form. Oh, and organized crime and bikers have no connectedness with such outlets. Right? Weill, OK then.

What I really hope in this situation is that we will get past it faddishness and hence, cease boring me with the matter. There are more important things to address.


2 responses to “I’m tired of the matter. Do we have to keep going on and on and on and on and on about it?

  1. I’m a firm believer in your body, your decision. And if you’re going to outlaw pot, you should be outlawing alcohol – it’s somewhat hypocritical otherwise. Of course we all know how well outlawing alcohol worked in the US back in the day..

  2. I can add nothing other than to thoroughly agree.

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