Maybe the issue is a bit bigger than a matter of a poor sad lion and a mean-spirited dentist


Personally, I like lions. Not that I’ve ever been acquainted with one personally, but I like to think of them being out there on the veldt, happily taking down okapis and zebras – cos that’s what lions do.

So, I don’t want some hoary old leo – let’s call him ‘Cecil’ – to fall victim to the blood-lust of – let’s say a dentist from the Midwest – who is desperate to prove he has bigger ‘ones’ than a lot of other guys by taking out a geriatric male

Yes, I like lions, and I like all of God’s wilderness creatures and that’s why I don’t hunt – though I have not much problem with those who have to hunt for food – and why I find trophy-hunting of the sort practised by, say Midwestern dentists and their ilk to be an abomination.

The point of this is not about the sad demise of poor ‘Cecil’ the lion in a wanton act of some turd trying to prove whatever lame manhood he might have, but about the matter of public shaming via social media.

What are your feelings about the fact nobody can get away with nu thin’ no more if what they are trying to get away with offends others? Good thing or bad thing?

I’m of mixed feelings about the matter. If the argument is something about an issue I’m appalled by (see ‘Cecil’) then I tend to join in the fun and get involved in the universal dissing. But, is that right? Is it a good thing for society that people can no longer hide their baser instincts away for fear of inciting the wrath of everybody out there who happens to be angered by their behavior?tar and fedda

And in honesty, how far is this from social media bullying? Because, no matter how you slice and dice it, that hapless dentist was subject to such massive bullying it made the international media. People wrote awful things about him and frankly wished for his early demise. As it was he was forced to close his practice and that’s pretty close stuff to the old days when somebody we didn’t like was driven out of town on a rail, or metaphorically tarred-and-feathered.

Am I ashamed of my own involvement in the indictments of the guy? In retrospect I am in a way. I don’t condone what he did. I think it was despicable and cowardly and he is definitely not a chap I’d want to have dealing with my molars, but the point is, I didn’t challenge him face-on. None of us on the social net did, so our assailing was also rather cowardly and maybe cruel in its own way.

I guess the point is, be careful of who you criticize and how you carry it out because these things have a tendency to inflate and go in directions we don’t want them to. I am only grateful I’m not one of the ‘exposed’ Ashley Madison subscribers, and people have had a lot of merriment around their misfortune, too.

It’s a different world kids. Some of the differences are good, but some of them are challenging.

4 responses to “Maybe the issue is a bit bigger than a matter of a poor sad lion and a mean-spirited dentist

  1. Why anyone wants to go out and shoot a poor old lion enjoying his retirement years is beyond me. Personally I prefer to shoot with a camera. That is a far better way of collecting memories and trophies!

  2. I think you know how I feel about social bullying – it’s only right when I do it! But honestly you make some excellent points. The dentist will be hard pressed to carry on his life in the upcoming years. We will all eventually forget about him and his act but for now it’s got to be tough to be him. Maybe that is fair?

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