Talk about a tempest in a ‘pee-cup’ Compared to some of them he’s doing OK

A cartoon man runs to to the toilet to pee.

A cartoon man runs to to the toilet to pee.

So when was the last time you were in such ‘extremis’ that you peed in a cup at somebody’s house?

I love it when things like this happen in a political campaign because you cannot make such stuff up and get away with it.

So, as the tale goes Jerry Bance, incumbent Tory candidate for Scarborough Rouge Park (one of Toronto’s 27,000 ridings in this most equitable of nations) was taken short at a client’s house when he was making a service call as an appliance repairman back in 2012. The problem was his micturition was caught by a camera and aired on CBC’s Marketplace back in that year. It has, of course, since resurfaced and was re-aired on Reddit. A Conservative spokesperson has since said Bance will no longer represent the riding.cup

Dirty pool? Of course. But do you think if the Harper team had footage of Elizabeth May, say, popping a squat behind a Saskatoon community hall they wouldn’t use it to advantage? I keep telling you, politics is a dirty-dirty business even if you wash your hands after your task is completed – and rinse the cup before putting it back in the dishrack.

So, what do we call this incident? Pissgate? Now, I don’t know about you but there have been times when I have been caught scarily short in the old need to pee department. And I bet everybody past a certain age reading this has felt perilously close to soaking their undies on a few occasions. Well, unless you wear special undergarments (and more do than might be prepared to admit) you find a way to do the task, even if it means sneaking out to the yard and doing it behind a bush. Been there, done that. But in somebody’s crockery? Never done that. Come on, Jerry, wasn’t there a can in the place you were servicing? Or a backyard? Do they have backyards in Scarborough? I know little about the wilds of Toronto. I bet Rob Ford was never at a loss to find a place to take a leak and I suspect the occasion arose frequently.outhouse-2-wesleying

So, the question is, should Mr. Bance have been humiliated and pilloried for his transgression. Personally I’d rather have him pissing on my doorstep (despite his party) than some of the candidate I have run across over the years.

So, I say, ‘Free the Pee’ and let Mr. Bance go.


8 responses to “Talk about a tempest in a ‘pee-cup’ Compared to some of them he’s doing OK

  1. I did not hear about the incidence, but come on, we all have had experiences of desperation like this before! Human kindness would be to accept and forgive and move on. I know I have been through some desperate situation and since one time, my husband had referred to me as Full Moon Shining. Nuff said!

    • Oh I too have had moments of supreme desperation and have been courting disaster but have never resorted to peeing in somebody’s kitchen crockery. But yeah, the point of the blog was to let it go. Love ‘full moon shining’ by the way.

  2. Just how big are the teacups in Canada….?

  3. Ok, peeing in a cup on a service call is definitely a no-no. But frankly, this is being blown out of all proportion. Get over it people. And yes, I do need to say it, despite the stupidity of the pun: It’s a tempest in a teapot. (Ugh)

  4. LOL… I just now noticed your title!!! It’s way to early in the morning for me.

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