All things considered I think I’ll stick with the ‘junk’ that was dealt to me


Personally I don’t care about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. That’s not because Caitlyn is a transexual – that issue bores me into a torpor – but because Bruce was a jock. Jocks are to me even more boring than people who decide to make gender changes and feel compelled to blast it all over the world and market it mightily. In the jock realm I make exceptions for Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Mohammed Ali. In other words, the life and times of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner bored me even when he was a dude.

I am not about to indict Caitlyn for having undergone a sex change. I have no issue with that. I even know some ‘real’ people who altered their gender with no big foofrah. Fercrissake the issue goes back to Christine Jorgensen in 1951. There was also Renee Richards and scores of others so, no biggie. Yet I cannot walk past the magazine stands in my supermarket without seeing the mug of Caitlyn staring me in the face. This must mean that People and other mags of note must think we are intrigued. But, in its essence his ‘reassignment’ is not intriguing. It is old hat. Is it because he had a nuptial connection with the repellant Kardashians? That has to say something about his erstwhile powers of judgement in itself. 603christine-jorgensen9

In all that, I will still hold with the thought that if you really are having a gender identity crisis, then take the step so that you too can sit down to pee.

Me, I’ve always been quite content with the equipment I was given. I’m not so sure I’d enjoy being a girl. I have been married to a few of them and I don’t think their lives are, from a male perspective, particularly enviable. Guys don’t get PMS, or menopause, or post-maternal incontinence. Now, I love females to the point of insensibility but I don’t want to join their ranks. By the same token, I expect most women don’t have a great yearning to be guys. We don’t live as long, we always leave the toilet seat up, and we have to contend with the ‘thing’ not always working the way we want it to at an intimate moment, or working with a vengeance when we are 16 and are called to the front of the class to do some public speaking.

So, I think I’ll stay with my own junk rather than wanting to switch. And if I want to wear silky panties well, I can don them any time I want to. Uh – don’t tell my wife.


4 responses to “All things considered I think I’ll stick with the ‘junk’ that was dealt to me

  1. Hi ha! Don’t tell your wife. I am sure if it does happen she has at least an inkling of an idea. It is the g-string I don’t get, If I ever want to have an elastic string caught up between my butt cheeks, I will know I have gone crazy!

  2. I think the fascination is more about the Kardashian link (why are people actually interested in these people?) than anything else. As far as I’m concerned, whatever floats your boat. Who cares.
    As for toilet seats? I can put them down as easily as you can put them up. Why is there so much fuss about toilet seats?

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