Our ‘naughty bits’ may just be in the eyes of the beholder, I guess


Have you ever seen a female in a niqab in this country? I’m betting not.

I have see women so garbed, but in the UK, not here. I suspect that if a body was to go to the Middle East you’d see a whole passel of them.cartoon

Do you care if a woman in Canada has her face shrouded in such a manner? For me, try as I might, I cannot call up the major negative vibes that Harper and gang think I should have. Personally I think it looks kind of exotic and mysterious. But, maybe that because I dig seeing representatioins of other cultures – even here, in a country that used to pride itself on being ‘welcoming’.

‘Used to’, I must emphasize. If the current Ottawa gang has its way, I, and the rest of you, are supposed to be offended by this affront to all that is decent and Canadian, like Labatt’s beer, Tommy Hunter, and hockey.

The invented foofrah over the niqab is reminiscent of the also manufactured outrage over turban wearing Sikh Mounties. Have you worried about that much lately? Of course you haven’t. You haven’t even thought of it.

It’s a manufactured issue designed to appeal to the bigoted baser instincts of certain Canadians and also designed to divert people from the real issues of this country like, say, the economy, freedom of dissent, the economy again and fuck it, the economy.

It’s also the mark of a governing party that is running just a bit scared and is playing the card of ill will as much as it can. In other words, it is playing the Tea Party card. Oh hell, such mental-midget meanderings are working for Trump south of the border, so why not?

So, call me wishy-washy, but I don’t give a sweet-goddamn about a recent arrival wearing a costume that hides her face. Put her in a room with another woman. Have her removed the offending garment to reveal her face and everybody should be happy.

But don’t count on that happening.

Sigh. I just don’t like my country right now as much as I used to.


4 responses to “Our ‘naughty bits’ may just be in the eyes of the beholder, I guess

  1. Good for you. I find a woman dressed in a nijab hugely reassuring. Western fashion is so predictable and trashy. Focus on the window to the soul not on a woman’s arse.

  2. Yup. I’ve seen it here in Montreal. Regularly. Yes, i care – but that’s my issue, not that of anyone wearing a niqab. I figure you have the right to dress as you want. But you should not be allowed to vote, to become a canadian citizen or to do anything that requires we know/see who you are if you are wearing a niqab. I’m willing to go so far as to have someone check out her identity in private, but honestly? It sticks in my craw. Sorry, but no.

    Outside of those things, whatever floats your boat, have at it. I have a right to walk around in a tank top and butt razing shorts, you have a right to cover up completely if that’s your thing.

    As for Stevie, he needs votes in Quebec. Quebec is where you see women in niqabs because a lot of them are from North Africa, and they speak French, so Quebec is the place to go. Which is great for us, because that diversity makes Quebec a great place to live. Thus Harper’s stand on the niqab. If most North African immigrants were living in Alberta, his stand would be completely different. He would be totally against it. Guaranteed.

    • You live in a highly cosmopolitan city. And yes, you do see them in Vancouver and other places of substance. But Harper is also counting on the votes of the rubes in the sticks where the niqab is an absolute non-issue. So, havethe wewarer unveil in private with a woman and then the problem is solved.

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