Some mighty big pawprints for the new boy or girl to fill


Not to belabor a Max point, but Wendy and I are both regularly asked if we plan to adopt (rescue) another dog now that our dear, dear boy has gone.

Of course we will. Rescue is the only way to acquire a canine in my view. We are not looking for pedigree, we are looking for ‘dawg’. A good old boy mutt. Like Max was. In the context of this I am running a photo of Max; one which saddens me. It is taken of him in the shelter in Nanaimo on the day we adopted him; the day a wonderful gift came into our lives. So no, I don’t like the photo because he looks forlorn. I like to remember him looking happy.max in the joint

We’ll do so when the time is right but we’re just not emotionally there yet. You see, Max was a very special dog. From the day we got him we never had a moment’s problem. He was quiet, he was clean, he was ‘honest’ in that he never stole food or took anything that wasn’t given to him. We could have left a steak on the floor and he wouldn’t have touched it unless we directed him to. He was also well-behaved, unaggressive, and friendly to a fault.

Max was also immensely charming. He had a literal gang of fans and everybody knew his name. I sometimes thought I’d like to have had him when I was single because he would have been such date-bait. What female wouldn’t have sought a relationship with a guy with such a great and handsome dog?

We ran into a fellow the other day and with him he had a rather cute little Pomeranian thing. Friendly and likeable little dog, though I’m not really a small dog person. Anyway, he too was a rescue dog. A rescue dog from Kuwait.

Well, good for him for taking it, but I also think there are hundreds of dogs in this country that want adopting, so why go abroad? Get one here. Check out the shelters in your own area.DSCN1821

So, yes, we will adopt again. When the time is right. As yet it isn’t. The new dog will have some big paw-prints to fill and we don’t want to be stuck with making comparisons. That’d be less than fair for the new boy or girl.


6 responses to “Some mighty big pawprints for the new boy or girl to fill

  1. Ideally we would have waited longer, but the two pups needed a home so here they are. They are very different characters, not at all like the dear old friends we lost, and it doesn’t feel at all like they are taking their place – just making one of their own.

  2. David and I were just talking about getting new critters and I got very excited about the thought ~ until I remembered that, even if we get dachshunds, they still won’t be Lionel and Daisy. Take your time. You’ll know when, and if, you’re ready.

  3. As BP says, you’ll know when you’re ready…

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