Oh no! Not exercise. I don’t really like exercise


I hated gym class in school. In fact, I’m not certain if I’d trust anybody who didn’t hate gym class and who also didn’t consider PE teachers the lowest form of humanity in any institute of so-called learning.

Doesn’t mean I hated all PE teachers at a personal level. In my teaching days I met some who were quite personable people – I just hated what they did because what they did, in my esteem, was humiliate saps like me with no athletic skills and no desire to acquire any.Popeye1

I’ll be candid. I was hopeless at team sports. Last picked and an evoker of groans from the jocks who ended up stuck with me in some dumbfuck school athletic endeavor. So, since I was sucky at team stuff, I was left with individual endeavors. I opted for weightlifting in high school and university. Weightlifting was a good thing because a fellow could develop ‘muscules’ just like Popeye. I lifted weights right through my 2nd year of university and developed a certain amount of strength. I could lift heavy stuff.

Problem was, even with that, in order to succeed you had to keep at it. Keeping at it involves ‘repetition’. I hate repetition because I’m easily bored. Or lazy. Whatever fits and depending on whether or not you like me.

As years went by my exercise regimes grew a bit paltry. I did some things, like swimming, when I got the chance. And walking. Walking is probably my accepted form of exercise. I like it because you are going somewhere and you are seeing stuff and yet you are reaping a benefit. I even got myself a pedometer which I faithfully forget to bring along with me.

Low-Back-PainDuring the Max years I did a lot of walking, every day, rain or shine, didn’t matter. You have a dog, you walk. He’s not going to take himself for a poop. Since the boy left the scene (sigh) I am still trying to keep my walking up. My doctor attests it is still at the top rung of worthy and healthful exercises. Sometimes, however, without my boon companion it’s not quite the same.

However, for the past few months I have been considerably plagued by lower aback problems. Yesterday I went to a physiotherapist. He was very thorough and I’ll be going back next week. A sore back is a distressing thing to deal with, so I’ll do whatever it takes.

What it takes is exercise. Repetitive exercises.



2 responses to “Oh no! Not exercise. I don’t really like exercise

  1. Damn­…. Well you’ll just have to keep walking…

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