So odd to find myself missing a friend I have never met and have no idea what she looks like


I am trying to find a woman. No-no, not in ‘that’ way, I already have a woman in my life who falls into that category.

No, this is a woman whom I know only electronically. Weird in one sense to know somebody in that manner, when you think about it. I know her as a fellow blogger and I don’t even know her real name, just her blogger name. And no, I don’t even know what she looks like. I think she is very good looking because that suits my sensibilities and what she reveals about herself in her blog. blogger

I did have her real name once, and even her email address, but they are on my former (read ‘late’) laptop and cannot be accessed. So I’m kind of hooped in my quest to find her. I only want to find her because she hasn’t filed a blog in a few months and I am worried about her. I hope this person – always unseen by me – is OK.

It is a commentary on our era, however, to find that we know somebody in such a way and how we can lose somebody who has come to be a notable element in life. Once in a while I look down my Facebook list of dramatis personae and see the names of all the people I ‘know’. Do I actually know them all as in having crossed paths or pressed the flesh with them. In some cases indeed I know them, perhaps obliquely, but I still know them. Yet there are others whom I have never actually met but with whom a connection has been established. And there are those with whom there is a strong emotional bond and there may even be others for which pressing the flesh just might be euphemistic, though I am not prepared to say. Facebook-imaginary-friends-comic-624x478

But, with my blogger friend I don’t even have a FB connection. So I just cannot damn well find this person whom I have never seen even photographically. She is just a blog name.

And yet I miss her.


6 responses to “So odd to find myself missing a friend I have never met and have no idea what she looks like

  1. If your friend has the blog still up, leave a comment if you haven’t already. She may answer you at some point. Also, you can access my blog through your blog roll.


    I keep leaving comments but they never show so not sure you are receiving them. my email is now the owner of Musings, Meanderings and Merriment from Rose Rose

  3. Nice community, that of blogging. I’m glad that your friend surfaced.

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