I re-read this and decided it was kinda uninspired but, sorry, you’re stuck with it

t shirts

Hanging in my closet are four men’s suits, as well as a half-dozen sport jackets, a number of pairs of good slacks – the kind with creases in them – dress shirts, and close to a hundred neckties.

None of the above are worn with sufficient regularity to actually justify their existence in the bowels of the closet, but there they stay just in case an occasion calls for their donning. It’s rare. Rare that I am called on to wear a tux, though I love to do so. Not many occasions in my mien are ‘tuxworthy’.dude 2

The reason for all the fancy-ass shirts, ties and jackets is that whilst I was working I liked to dress well. Call me vain, if you will. OK, I am. I confess to having dressed for effect. Much like when I was in university and my ‘costume’ was a turtle-neck pullover, corduroy or Harris Tweed jacket and wheat jeans. That ‘worked’ in an urban hipster realm more than one might imagine.

And then there’s now. My garb, depending on the weather, consists almost exclusively of jeans and T-shirts. I love my tees. I have collected them from a number of places in my travels as souvenirs. I have a plethora of Hawaiian themed ones, as well as representative examples from Mexico, Europe, South America, Panama and Alaska. Wearing one immediately evokes memories of those travels and of places I’d like to return to. As for the jeans, they are convenient and to the point. I don’t find denim particularly comfortable unless it’s very old and has been washed thousands of times. But then, sadly, it wears out. When the days are warm I am most comfortable in shorts and tees.avec jackie

That said, however, I do miss making a statement with my garb and I find that most of us wear rather bland and boring gear. Just one of the thousands of reasons I love Hawaii is that people dress so colorfully there. But, with all the blossoms year-round it’s understandable that they do. Locally it is, judging by our dress, kind of a beige environment.


3 responses to “I re-read this and decided it was kinda uninspired but, sorry, you’re stuck with it

  1. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    You could always put the tux on and serve a sophisticated and tasty meal to your sweetie dressed to the nines. That could be rather romantic! Then the strip tease afterwards would be classy. Rather like a scene from a Bond movie!! Rose

  2. My sweetie doesn’t even own one suit, maybe a tie with Snoopy on it. Definitely no tux, and I think maybe one tweed jacket languishing in the cedar closet in the basement. He’s a jeans and t-shirt (or hawaiian style shirt) type of person and lucky for him his job allows that. Doesn’t bother me, I’m really not a fan of the suit myself.

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