What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger — right?


This just in! Bacon is once again bad for us. In so saying I am put in mind of my good friend Debra who is a bacon fanatic extraordinaire. I also mention it because bacon was once considered sort of OK, but now it (along with assorted other processed meats, take that Oscar Mayer!) is said to cause cancer. Word to the wise to medical researchers, life causes cancer. butter_webcrop

But, this time it’s bacon – virtually everybody’s favorite brekky confection. If bacon is bearing the brunt of this opprobrium you can be sure that wieners, salami, bologna and everything else in meat-time fun is lumped into the mix.

The cliche medical motto is “Do no harm.” How is proscribing everything that people love a matter of doing no harm? It’s harming pleasure centres.

I am not a fanatic bacon muncher. We often have it for Sunday breakfast and if we are traveling and eating breakfast in a restaurant I always have it. And the BLT is among the prince of sandwiches to me. I once had a ‘bacon butty’ in a greasy-spoon in the north of England. And ‘greasy’ was the apt word in this case. The bread was soggy from bacon fat. It was delicious and likely knocked seven years off my life span.doctors-smoke-camels1

Anyway, I like it and like all good things I consume it in moderation, though I confess to having favorite brands of this processed piggy.

But, you know it’s like other things. The research wizards say something is bad, and then they say it’s good, and then they indict it once again. You just cannot win. So, carry on carrying on, I say, because next month the rules will change. I mean, if you have a long enough memory, you’ll recall how doctors once gave glowing testimonials in magazine ads for certain brands of cigarettes. Well, now it seems they want to categorize bacon with butts.

Coffee used to be bad for us, and then recently they found it has a positive role as a senile dementia preventive.

Butter was evil and we were exhorted to switch to margarine. I never did. I hate margarine, or as Sheldon once opined on Big Bang Theory about a certain toast spread — “I can easily believe this is not butter.” Now of course Marge has come under the gun (Yes!) as being chock-a-block with transfats. Woo-hoo, butter is off the hook and in the US, eateries have been exhorted to switch to butter.

Will they turn around on bacon? I have no idea. But I am not going to lose much sleep over the indictment. Some things, after all, are sacred. Right, Debra?


10 responses to “What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger — right?

  1. My great grand-parents raised their own pigs, and as my Mom was wont to say, they processed and ate everything except the squeak. Great grand-parents, grandmother and Mum all lived well into their 90’s, having consumed way more bacon and other fats then we could even start to believe. Could it be the chemicals we now use to preserve rather than the piggy itself? Could that be the dangerous ingredient in almost all the foods we buy, processed or not?

  2. Bacon makes me happy. It should be classified as meat candy. Your blog makes me happy too, although I think it has more depth than to label it brain candy.

  3. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    My niece always cooks her turkey for Thanksgiving with a layer of bacon over it. Guess they are all doomed! Rose

  4. My grandparents had a farm….we had butter, cream, pork and bacon from them – even sent by train to us when we moved to London – but then it was British Rail, not privatised goodness only knows what, and it worked.
    My mother is still going strong at 99, my father died at 93 – from a virus caught in a hospital – and I’m not too bad myself…keeping our own pigs and making our own bacon.

    If we’re doomed, we;re doomed…but what a way to go!

  5. Bacon is the best thing ever. If it’s going to kill me, it’s not a bad way to go all things considered.

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