Maybe weed was ‘farowt’ a couple of decades ago. Now it’s kind of a bore


I once had a friend who did a week in the slammer for simple possession of cannabis sativa. Yep, pot possession resulted in time in the late 1960s and early ’70s.

That was then. This is now. Currently the big issue is how the (ostensibly legal) stuff should be sold, and where. There is a move to sell it in government liquor stores. Of course there is. If weed is to be legal than the government wants to get in on the action. To be ‘the’ officially sanctioned dealer as we move well past the day of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Dang, how times change. There is, however, a risk that when the illicit becomes ‘licit’ it will lose some of it’s charm. Sort of like being married as opposed to having a torrid and spicy affair. I mean, the married part is good, but possibly possesses a little less ‘oo-la-la!’. Not that I would know. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.freak

Marijuana has assumed a prominence of late that doesn’t particularly disturb me other than that its beneficial properties are likely hiked well beyond the reality. It will not save the world but if its ingestion brings some relief to those with certain conditions, like MS, then I am in favor. Having been married to a person with MS I know how brutal it is, so anything that works can only be a good thing.

As for me, marijuana is kind of a zero. Yes, I have indulged, though not for years. I tended to find it overrated and not entirely agreeable. Depressed the crap out of me, in truth. So, I chose to stick with booze, though that ultimately didn’t do me much good, so I quit that one 18-plus years ago. So now I am as pure as the driven slush.

And I have never met anybody stoned on pot who could be mistaken for one of the profound minds of the day. Stoned is stoned and it generally makes people silly. Oh, and defensive. Potheads can be paranoically defensive of their indulgence.

There is a certain myth that suggests weed is non-addictive. Ain’t so. I dealt with addicted clients for whom cannabis was their only substance and they found it highly difficult to quit. Of course, so is tobacco, yet it remains legal.

And there has been a great deal of silliness about the illegality of pot. Watch an episode of Cops and see the public resources being wasted because some hapless boy our girl is in possession of a little weed. In fact, on that program the two major crimes seem to be either pot possession or being black and out in public after hours.

Marijuana has been around for a trillion years or so and I am both amused and bemused by all the foofrah around it now. But that, of course, is based on the ludicrous situation in which a rather innocuous substance was proscribed for so long. People say pot is no worse than booze. In fact, it’s better. Alcohol kills hundreds of thousands of people every year despite its legality.

And eventually, after it has been legal for a few years most people aren’t going to give a shit about its wonderfulness.

I look forward to the day, but also look forward to the day when innocent people aren’t penalized for nonsense. Let the government both save money and also make money.


2 responses to “Maybe weed was ‘farowt’ a couple of decades ago. Now it’s kind of a bore


    Pot for recreational purposes was legalized here in Oregon. On the first day, I was headed to work and looked over at the car next to me at a red light. The guy grabbed a “bong” from the passenger seat, lit up, and puffed away! Then he saw my stunned face and waved before driving off when the light turned green. Now we have to deal with them driving!! I lost my son to pot, which led to other drugs for him. His birth mother had the same problem and as a baby he had to go through withdrawals before we could bring him home. He went the same way as his birth mother and I do not even know where he is or if he is in prison or if he is alive. Saddens me. I am against the pot thing. I KNOW it is addictive and no one can convince me otherwise.

  2. Sure pot can be addictive, if you have that sort of personality. Like booze. And like booze, you can partake and have no problems with it. Legalize it already so we can move on.

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