That was the year that was. It’s over, let it pass


It behooves me at this time to write something end of the year-ish. 2015 has nearly shot its bolt and I for one am rather relieved. It truly wasn’t a year to write home about. Wait a minute, this is home so I wouldn’t need to write to myself, although in doing this, in a way, I am writing home about it. How confounding.

As years go, 2015 was not a red-letter one. It had its downsides. I have had some health issues that are not yet resolved, as in my back and balance concerns. I’m used to being pretty healthy so this is a bit galling to me. But, I am relying on the pros I have been dealing with to sort stuff out. Mutter-mutter.WendyIanMax1WMD1Dec081

The worst aspect of 2015 was unexpectedly losing Max. That big, pretty, gentle canine brought so much to our lives in the years he was with us and as he was only10 we expected him to be around for a few years yet. That was not to be and the episode of choosing euthanasia was devastating to us both. But, we had no choice. Cancer, canine or human, can be relentless.

At least Max’s death proved to me that I had not lost (as I had thought theretofore) the ability to cry. Don’t know how many tears were shed and when I think of my last words to my adored dog — “I love you, baby, Good-bye for now” — said when I kissed him on the top of his lovely head, I still mist up. Likely always will. The most difficult aspect of his death was accepting the realization he would never be coming home again. Wendy and I lost a vital component of our family in 2015. I cannot imagine what it must be like to lose a child.

As bad years go, though, 2015 wasn’t my worst by a long shot. That honor goes to 1996. In that year I lost a marriage (ultimately a very good thing) and a lovely home, and I also learned that drinking and driving is a boneheaded thing to do, so I also lost the right to drive for a good length of time. In retrospect that shock to my self-esteem also proved to be a good thing, though it did not seem so at the time.DSCN0798

But, back to this year just ending. It had some high-points and paramount amongst them was our journey to Alaska by sea. I had never wanted to take that trip. It was a northern trip. I am a southern person: Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii and so forth beckon me. So, I had no idea of how splendid Alaska could be. In retrospect I would not have missed that cruise for the world and would easily do it again. BC’s north coast and the Alaska Panhandle waters are unexcelled.

So, now it is 2016 (nearly). What will that mean? I don’t make prophesies and I don’t make resolutions. Well, I do make some resolutions mentally, but not for public scrutiny. That way if i fail to hold a firm resolve, nobody can rub my nose in it. The year will be what it will be and I have no control over the forces of destiny.

*Happy 2016 Everybody.*


12 responses to “That was the year that was. It’s over, let it pass


    I do not make resolutions either as know they are so hard to keep. But I do promise myself to get my craft/photography room organized! I am so glad that 2015 is almost done and am hopeful that the new year will be eons better! I had so many health issues in 2015 and normally am fine! Like you, some are still being “worked on.”

  2. I am so glad that you have been such a big part of my 2015, and I look forward to sharing 2016 with you as well, as it comes. I hope and pray that this one will be lovely and will bring about a resolution to your health woes, and peace to your heart. Love ya friend!

  3. As always, I resolve to be younger and better looking in 2016. Why not? Happy New Year for you and Wendy!

  4. Wishing you and Wendy a wonderful 2016 and I too hope your health issues get resolved and that you do keep writing and doing other things you enjoy.

    • I’m waiting for things to sort themselves out. It’s nothing major, just significant back and walking discomfort. And quite literally a pain in the ass. Happy 2016 to you, dear

  5. Happy New Year…may it bring consolation and good health.
    And how wise to keep any resolutions to yourself!

  6. Here’s to 2016 being one of the best.

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