I encountered one of those Oregon rednecks and found him relatively charming


It all happened in a tiny little town (about 9 inhabitants I’d estimate) in the backwoods of Oregon a few years ago. It was at a little country store and was the only merchandising option in the berg.

We stopped at the store to pick up some hotdogs as I recall. We’d been up to Crater Lake and were heading back to the nice little cabin we were staying at. It was beautiful country at a high altitude in the mountains.

Now, before you interpret any comments as being negative aspersions cast on the great state of Oregon, let it be known that we love Oregon. We find it progressive, cultured, hip, cool, beautiful all the way from the magnificent coast into the drybelt hinterland. All our memories are positive ones and nothing has changed them, including this fatuous ‘occupation’ of native land by aggrieved white guy pussies that is going on currently.DSCN2264

And speaking of aggrieved white guy pussies I shall continue with my tale. The proprietor of this tiny store was an interesting dude. Even though I hadn’t asked he proceeded to tell me a bit of his life story as well as the philosophical points of US society he was at odds with. He was an Alaskan originally but had lived in Oregon for a few years. He was a proudly professed survivalist and told me how his youth in Alaska had prepared him to live in the wilderness when the time came for that to be necessary, and he assured me it would be necessary as the country was going to shit thanks to the wishy-washy liberals making the rules.

As he tallied up our purchases he asked if I wanted beer. He looked at me suspiciously when I declined. He asked if I wanted weed; he could easily get me that, too. I declined again. And then he asked me if I wanted a gun. I told him I was Canadian and would have a difficult time getting it into the country (of course I had no inclination to take him up on his firearms offer).

Finding that I was Canadian prompted him to launch into a tirade against Pierre Trudeau that would have warmed the heart of Steve Harper or any member of the Wild Rose Party. He, you see, knew all about Canada and Canadians because he had grown up next door. oregon

Anyway, the current debacle involving the aggrieved white guys in Oregon could not help but put me in mind of the fact that this fellow is likely a member of that ‘militia’. They are out there in that otherwise liberal state. You know, it’s not all Portlandia. Regardless, I still like the place. Max did too.


11 responses to “I encountered one of those Oregon rednecks and found him relatively charming

  1. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    In the area of Oregon where I live you encounter more of the “save the earth” kinds, which I like and support! I like hugging trees with their soft moss! I run into all kinds living here. There are the gun toting survivalists, the avid hunters and fishers, the artists, the poetry and book writers, the environmentalists, the snobs, the political activists, students, and much more. Quite a colorful array! You can hear all kinds of stories, tall tales, wild adventures, beliefs, advice, and so on and so on. I hang out with a group of writers, both book and poetry, and a few environmentalists. I find a place with a variety of voices and beliefs and people is quite colorful and can provide a plethora of ideas. Crater Lake is wonderful, been there many times! Lots to see and do in our state!

  2. It’s good to remember that at least some of the people with whom we differ greatly may still be relatively charming. Thanks for your story.

  3. Huh. I hadn’t even heard of that out here on the now frigid east coast. I’ll have to look up that particular snippet of news.

  4. The Rev. Ian Paisley was a delightful man in private life….we used the same antiquarian bookshop.

  5. Funny how these weirdos have it all backwards. They want to be liberated from the liberal government? I guess they do not know their basic Latin roots.

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