Forgive me for being indelicate but this had to be discussed


While it is a widely-held belief that bears indeed do poop in the forest (some people even have photo proof), I find it difficult to conclude that they actually wipe their bums when done, despite the disagreeable Charmin ads on TV.

I only mention this point because I find the this company’s ads offensive. Not catastrophically offensive like the feelings I get every time Sarah Palin opens her idiotic yap, just offensive in the sense I don’t want to think about poop residue on somebody’s undies, which is what the ads suggest.

What is all this ‘frankness’ about TP? We know what it is for and we, if we were properly instructed by our moms, know how to make ourselves squeaky clean by probably the age of 4. It’s not debatable. Yet, TP companies seem to think it is.

There are brands galore. Does anybody really care? There is only one compulsory criterion for me and that is it must be 3-ply. It does dedicated job better without falling apart. Falling apart TP is kind of an icky thing. So, we gravitate to the least expensive 3-ply and in that we welcome Costco into the mix for the obvious reason of economy. And I suspect that is what motivates a lot of folks and especially folks with a few females in the family due to the fact that females use more of the stuff than the boys do since for girls it must do double duty.

Anyway, as I suggested, the reason for TP is pretty straightforward and we should be happy we have it. If you want to know what life was like before TP read some Rabelais. Or think about how in the old days of farm outhouses they used dried corncobs. Yeeouch!

But now, it seems, as the world continues to deteriorate, TP has moved into some kind of creepy realm. This includes the ad somebody ran on FB yesterday showing a guy in tight white trousers and the testimonial that their brand of bumwad was so good that said dud could go commando in his white pants with no fear of mishap. Eww!

And that is pretty much all that I have to say on the matter other than to suggest that advertising the stuff might be a good job for Sarah considering her shitty view of the world.


8 responses to “Forgive me for being indelicate but this had to be discussed

  1. Shite and Palin in the same post…Perfect!


    I barely notice the commercials and block them out. I never knew there was 3-ply TP!!!! Investing in TP stock would be wise as everyone has to use it!

  3. You read my Facebook feed!! 😉
    That ad just totally skeeved me out. Concept: WASH!

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