Up at the muni pool Spiderman really does save the day

spider 2

On Sunday mornings Wendy and I go to the pool(s) at the Comox Valley Sports Centre. It’s good and healthy recreation and it is our simple way of trying to fend of the rigors of incipient old fartdom.

A few weeks ago, whilst lolling in the pool Wendy looked up and noticed a tiny figurine up on the high overhead skylight. It was a minute Spiderman toy figurine. She was intrigued about it being way up there and pondered why it was there.

So, since she has some connections with officialdom in the community she made some enquiries of the sports and rec folks. Turns out the mini-superhero has been around for some time. Periodically it blows off the skylight, but it is always replaced to it’s spot of prominence on that skylight. And there is a reason.

Tiny tots using the pool are often pretty intimidated by lying and floating on their backs. Therefore, to reassure them they are encouraged to look up and see Spiderman. He too looks like he is floating on water so, the message is, it must be safe. Evidently it works like a charm. A superhero saves the day and just may even keep a kid from drowning at a later time because Spiderman taught him or her how to float. I admire people with the sort of imagination that can put something like that in place.

I don’t know much about Spiderman. In fact I know nothing about him at all other than he is one of those ubiquitous fetishistic ‘superheroes’ that prevail today. I don’t quite understand their popularity other than the world is a frightening place and therefore maybe some sort of humanoid hybrid can save us from whatever bogeymen are out there.

Even when I was a kid superheroes meant little to me because I knew there was a lot of fakery afoot in creating them. I’ll admit I did enjoy the first two Chris Reeves Superman flicks because they were well-acted and scripted and had a lot of whimsy about them. And I liked the dark and depressing Michael Keaton Batman movie, but that was mainly because I like Keaton in anything he does. Oh, and I was a big fan of the old Mighty-mouse cartoons, but for an entirely different reason.

Other than the aforementioned I have seen no others and have no desire to. But I will give a nod to Spiderman for his sterling work at the Sports Centre pool.


10 responses to “Up at the muni pool Spiderman really does save the day

  1. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    Cute story and I love how they used such a creative method. I loved Mighty Mouse and still remember the words to the song!!

  2. There are many good comics out there, some featuring people with disabilities, that you might enjoy. That said, I wonder why they could’t include Wonder Woman…All heroes need not be male, at least not anymore. Other than that, stellar idea.

  3. I love Spiderman movies and so does my grandson Ethan…he has everything Spiderman…from a costume he wears even when it is not Halloween, to bedding, water bottle, books, cartoons, figures and on and on it goes. Ethan has loved Spiderman since he was a wee tyke and he is now almost 5. take it from Ethan and watch all the Spiderman movies…..now that is how we stay young…lol

  4. I did watch the Spider-Man cartoons as a kid and have watched several of the movies made in the last few years…and I see the draw of choosing it. He’s not perfect…most of the time he gets the crap beat out of him…but he always gets back up to try again…it’s a good message. It doesn’t really matter that the choice is male…it matters that it’s young…they can relate. Well done and I will definitely look for Spider-Man next time I’m there.

  5. Damn, WordPress ate my comment!
    I had said that pretty much my only exposure to Spiderman was my Spiderman Mr. Potato Head. I like to pretend all those Potato Heads at the cottage (the star wars characters, the pirates, the mermaids, the transformers, etc.) are for friends’ kids, but now that they’re all older, I guess I’ll just have to say that I’m regressing in my dotage…

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