So some see this Jones anthem as sexist and vile, but not the rugby lads

tomjones-delilah(9)One of my fondest memories (amongst many others) of touring Europe way back in 1968 was listening to a guy walking along a sidewalk in Rome belting out Tom Jones’s Delilah, which was very popular at the time.

What impressed me is that he was so unabashed about singing it in public. Not something you see or hear in stodgy old North America very much. But the fellow was Italiano and they are used to being expressive.

The memory takes me to a particular foofrah going on right now. Damn it, why does there always have to be ‘something’? Can’t people be left in peace? I guess not.

Anyway, I have always rather liked the voice of Mr. Jones, who is otherwise sort of a Welsh icon and subject to a lot of lust by especially middle-aged women who are prompted to pitch their dainties at him on stage. I have often wondered (perverse bugger that I am) if those pelted panties are fresh or (ahem) ‘unfresh’. Hey, it had to be asked. Jones is himself married and has been married to the same woman since he was about 12 or somesuch. Rumor has it that he hasn’t always been faithful but she has stuck by her dude. Well, he probably makes decent coin, so that might explain some of that.

Back to Delilah. The song has for years been kind of a theme for Welsh rugby teams. Don’t ask me about rugby. The only team sport I know anything about is baseball so, rugby, not so much. But I gather that the Jones song is talismatic for when the players get out there on the scrum, or whtatever it is they do.

But, aha, enter the ‘forces of niceness’. It seems that some of the lyrics in the ditty seem to advocate violence against women. Sort of a Ghomeshi anthem in the eyes and ears of some. Well, I despite the idea of domestic abuse, but I have heard the song many times and seemed to miss the lyrics that the missus should have a good thumping.

But, I am probably wrong about that. But in that regard, I would suggest expunging the offensive lyrics and substituting nicer ones. I mean, the Welsh aren’t going to roll over easily on this. They have steadfastly stuck to the use of their archaic language when all other Celts in the UK like the Scots and Cornish have long since rolled over and played dead. More power to the continuation of Delilah, but nail Ghomeshi.



4 responses to “So some see this Jones anthem as sexist and vile, but not the rugby lads

  1. It must have been me in ’68. I was at University and I’d annoy my flat mates by belting out Delilah at the top of my voice. My Green, Green, Grass of Home was not bad either.

  2. Oh for chrissake. The song is what it is. Get the hell over it. Have they heard the lyrics to some of the rap music these days?

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