If you find Trump demonic then blame ourselves

trumpThe media love rolling about in excreta. Give ’em train-wrecks, wars, rapes, murders, public philandering and so forth and the electronic mavens and ink-stained wretches cream their jeans with delight.

I know. I used to be in the media biz. “Make the story sexier,” editors would throw at cub reporters. They weren’t talking about ‘in-out’ sex in that regard, though sometimes they were. Mainly though they were talking about pizzazzing up a tale in order to entice readers or viewers. Do we really care about the sex lives of certain brain-dead hangers-on in the entertainment biz? They tell us we do and they will trowel out the Kardashians and their tawdry ilk like there is no tomorrow in a kind of media diarrhea onslaught. We care because we’re told we must.

And that brings me to Donald Trump. Trump is a loathsome creature for whom there is quite literally no excuse for him being in the public eye, let alone contending for one of the most powerful positions in the world. Yet he is a prick. So why is he there and why does he attract so much attention?

Because the media love him. He is just fucking great copy. We had a similar creature in fat reptilian Rob Ford and I suspect the news folk miss his degenerate presence. But now we have Trump. The maturity level of a grade 8 student; vulgar and intolerant and bullying. The kind of kid most of us hated in the schoolyard. That would be our Donald.

Yet the media eat the bastard up. They should; they created him, they feed him and sometimes are forced to clean up his poop. Lovable and bright Bernie gets nowhere near the coverage. He’s too non-pathological. And if you want a scarier GOP aspirant look to Cruz. He’s one screwed up Calgary-born-Cuban-spawned Texan. But he ain’t as colorful as our Donald.

Now one thing should be made perfectly clear. I see items on Facebook referring to Trump as stupid. Nothing of the sort is he. There is method to this. He and his allies in the media play it, and as for as the big news orgs are concerned he has sucked them in royally. They must stop feeding his gaping maw if he is as scary as sensible people think he is.

Even the so-called ‘liberal’ media like MSNBC and Rachel Maddow are guilty of giving him too much credence. Shut the hell up about the bastard and he will wane. If that doesn’t happen and if the worst were to happen, then I shall point Zola’s accusatory finger at them. Trump is your spawned animus.



6 responses to “If you find Trump demonic then blame ourselves

  1. The other reason? He spent 17 million dollars on his campaign…Dangerous and vile.

  2. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    uhhh, well, you just gave him some press. Just saying. I find Trump to be a scary individual and PRAY he does not get the presidency or any other office in our government!! Woe to us if he wins! He is definitely crazy and a bully and nuts!

  3. The scary thing is not Trump per se, it’s the people who have no problem electing him. He’s just voicing what they want to hear, giving them what they want. That so many Americans seem to be such redneck bigots astounds me..

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