Young Nelson will have some mighty big pawprints to fill

nelson%205I must confess that when Wendy found Nelson on line I was left a bit apprehensive and also felt slightly disloyal to the huge legacy of Max that resides in my heart. A new dog! WTF. How dare you? But those are my feelings. Max’s might be quite positive as in: “You rescued me. I passed. Now it’s up to you to rescue another.

It is odd to be thinking of bringing a ‘new’ dog into our home. Or, to be honest, ‘Max’s’ home. So, does the new kid get to use the Max dinner bowl, water bowl, the toys Max never bothered to play with since he wasn’t much into toys?

I am assuming Nelson will have different habits, likes, dislikes. Will he be as enchanted by the other dogs on the Dog Whisperer as Max was? Will he be fastidiously clean like Max was? Is he flatulent? Max quite literally never was. I suspect if Max had an attack of flatus he requested to go outside. “Max is such a gentleman” said our dear neighbor who used to tend to the boy when we went on vacation. Is Nelson a gentleman?

I mean, he is from California so perhaps he’s a bit on the brash and brassy side. Not that there aren’t gentlemen in Cali. I am sure there are, but it’s not a notable aspect of that state’s culture.

Max never wanted to sleep on our bed, whether we were there or not. Never climbed on the couch, even if we were out. Never stole food despite the fact he had easy access to the bin that contained his kibble. In other words, Max was a veritable god in the canine world. Young Nelson is going to have some mighty big paw-prints to fill.

I suspect, however, he will be up to the task.

In truth I am looking forward to the new canine adventure and good Lord willing he will never have to reside in a shelter again.



4 responses to “Young Nelson will have some mighty big pawprints to fill

  1. What a lovely thing you’re doing…I’m sure Max would approve. Good Luck!

  2. Oh – I’m so happy! For you and for Nelson! I’m quite sure that this is the start of another amazing canine adventure! I’m also quite sure that Max is wagging his tail right now! xoxo


    I am sure you will adapt to him as he adapts to the new home. Hopefully the shelter (or foster parents) taught him good habits. Just remember–PATIENCE!

  4. Max would definitely approve. Plus c’mon, look at that face he’s adorable!

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