‘Bigness’ perhaps comes from places in the heart

smoopyNew pup Nelson is quite different from his predecessor on our household. For one thing he is a fraction of Max’s size and weight – about 15 lbs as opposed to 80. That means he leaves only little tiny poops instead of gargantuan so clean up is almost kind of cute rather than an onerous task sometimes demanding of a backhoe to set right.

Nelson is a kind of beagle cross as near as we can deduce. I have always rather fancied beagles – think Snoopy – finding them to be agreeable canine chaps.

After the demise of Max last summer we agonized for a long time and to be honest I know I haven’t fully finished. But, we are in love with the concept of rescuing dogs and we felt it was time again we put ourselves out there. Wendy found Nelson on line, being cared for by the wonderful people of the Victoria Humane Society. He is an expatriate, hailing from California’s San Joaquin Valley but he hardly has a trace of an American accent. He was rescued from a ‘kill shelter’ down there and one of the reasons he was under the gun for execution is that he has a disability.

We knew about the disability. We went in with our eyes wide open. In fact his being ‘challenged’ was one of the reasons we signed on. Such animals are often difficult to place, but we knew we were up for it. His disability stems from a bout with distemper when he was 3 months old (he’s a little over a year now). Distemper kills about 50 percent of the dogs who get it. Nelson was in the lucky other 50 percent. It didn’t kill him, but it ever so slightly disabled him. He has an ongoing twitch in a hind leg. A twitch that you would think would irritate him, but it doesn’t seem to faze him at all, and it goes away when he is sleeping He’s not crippled, he can run like the wind, but he is nonetheless slightly ‘other-abled’ as the trendy parlance goes.

We drove to Victoria for an overnighter as a mini vaycay and then picked the boy up at his foster home the next day. We took to him immediately, as we were told we would. His charm is much larger than his minuscule size. The people fostering him were awfully nice folks and we made some new friends by that brief encounter.

We got him, and we then embarked on a very long drive back from Victoria as he settled in. He is a lap sitter and if we thought that could be discouraged we quickly found out how wrong was that assumption.

And now he is here. And it’s a good thing. I shall be honest, a dog so small was not my first choice. But Wendy fell in love with him and i thought, why not. He’ll likely grow on me. And I suspect he is.



4 responses to “‘Bigness’ perhaps comes from places in the heart

  1. Photo? Enquiring minds need to know!

  2. You’ll fall in love with the boy. I hope all goes well for Nelson.

  3. How can you not love a lap sitter? You can’t. They keep younwarm in winter.

  4. He has a sweet face and eyes. How can one not love a Snoopy eh?

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