Rumors of her death were wildly overstated

bettyWhat pleasure does it give certain people to be fraudulent mean shits? I mean is it empowering to spread falsehoods and lies? Is it agreeable to paint beloved people in mortality codswallop?

The latest example of this is the fraudulent posting announcing the death of beloved comic actress and tough old broad Betty White. I mean, you can sucker a lot of folks in with this one since she is 94 and spent her childhood playing with Moses. But why do it

Is it, for such tiresome people, empowering to make other people feel bad and sad? Or do they want to be first off the mark by noting her demise that will happen someday, possibly sooner rather than later. I mean, truly, I just don’t get it. So, all I can say is, thank God for Snopes and I must confess I fell for the ruse and that pisses me off.

A number of much-loved public figures have died of late, like David Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard and so forth. These people are loved and their passings make members of the public feel bad. Thank God we still have Keith Richards and possibly always will.

As for Betty White, I first encountered her when I was a very small boy and first saw TV at the home of my aunt and uncle in Seattle. Miss White – very young and dimply – was on a sitcom called Life with Elizabeth in which she played a ditzy young bride and my female cousin and I were still of an age where ‘pants-wetting funny’ offered a certain real warning as Betty was just that as she got up to her assorted shenanigans.

She never basically changed her style, whether is was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show or Golden Girls. Her trademark was to play horny old broads with a ribald style. And we loved her for it.

And as of this writing Miss White is very much alive, and fie on people who would spread nasty falsehoods.



5 responses to “Rumors of her death were wildly overstated

  1. The same people who believe everything they see on Facebook…Glad to hear she’s still on the right side of the grass.

  2. Seems to me its not the first time she’s “passed away”. Personally, I’m counting on her to bury us all.

  3. Pleased to hear the old girl is still in the here and now giving those fiends a run for their money LOL

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