I guess I’ll darn well ‘lol’ until it’s running down my leg


Maybe I’m just pissy-minded.

That thought comes about because, just the other day, I almost (and entirely inadvertently, and I emphasize the ‘almost’) found myself using an ‘lol’ in response to somebody’s Facebook offering.

WTF? (OK, I do use that one mainly because, like many former English teachers, I’m a profane sonofabitch).

Back to the subject. I have never used lol and don’t plan to. That’s primarily because very few things I’ve read to which lol is attached have actually evoked lol responses. I’m a well-humored person but I reserve my ‘out-loud’ laughter for the genuinely hilarious and otherwise utilize it judiciously. Ergo, lol is rarely accurate.

In fact the only time in my recall that lol was genuinely funny and actually made me laugh out loud was when boneheaded egomaniac Michael on The Office thought it was a word and used the expression “lawl-lawl” in reference to something or other.

Carrying it further, I have very rarely if ever rolled on the floor in merriment, as in ROFL. No, I’ll make that ‘never’ as opposed to rarely. I’ve laughed until tears ran down my cheeks, but never more than that.

And I’ve never laughed until anything ran down my legs as in the case of ROFLMAOPIMP. Now, come on, how many have actually rolled on the floor laughing their asses off and peeing in your pants? You have? Do you want people to know that? I know I wouldn’t.

In similar sense I have rarely used emoticons That’s probably just me. I’d simply rather say what I meant than symbolize it. I have cherished friends who use emoticons and I love them dearly and think nothing less of them for so doing. I just don’t choose to. Just like I don’t choose to take heroin, for example.

Much of the aforementioned is Tweet-Speak and I understand that brevity is the key to getting a little tiny message in a little tiny space. But, I don’t tweet, either. I might someday and I’ll confess to being periodically tempted, but until such time I’ll just write out my stuff in full.


2 responses to “I guess I’ll darn well ‘lol’ until it’s running down my leg

  1. Things are indeed rarely lol worthy, as they are rarely awesome. Awesome: Which inspires awe. I’ve rarely had to qualify something as awesome – and that’s as it should be.

    Oh, and for the record, I’ve never rolled on the floor laughing either, much less while peeing in my pants.

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