You could go to the casino or you could wipe your bum with your cash and flush

slot slutsI have, or have had more flaws and vices in this life than any respectable fellow or girl should have, and I do consider myself respectable for the most part.

But one of my enticements has never been gambling. Oh yes, I do buy my weekly lottery ticket, mainly for a laugh and am cognisant of the possibility of winning (about one in 70 trillion) offers me the same odds as the chance to carnally bed Cameron Diaz.

And when we take a cruise we often check out the casino with no misapprehension we will actually win anything. Just part of the entertainment. I have never been to Vegas, nor have any desire to go there or any other casino destination. I like genuine entertainment which doesn’t include watching a woman pee her pants because she refuses to leave a (so-called) ‘winning’ slot machine. Regardless of the odd lucky break people have, the ‘house’ always wins.

I have never been to the local casino and have never wanted to go there. Gambling just doesn’t do it for me.

There has been a big to-do in Victoria lately due to the fact that the provincial Preying on Human Weaknesses Commission wants to establish a casino in the capital’s downtown. “Excellent”, as Mr. Burns would say. “Part the fools from their money.”At the same time the Times-Colonist newspaper runs a lead story on how an old dear of 91 was left in debt up to her eyeballs due to her compulsive gambling addiction. So much for the inheritance kids and grandkids. Nana is going down to the casino again. More revenue for greedy governments.

It’s odd how governments who would protect us in all realms by suggesting other vices like smoking (now has about as much acceptability in the eyes of the powers that be as defecating on a holy shrine) or intoxicated driving (a justifiable taboo) get a lot of official censure but gambling gets a walk.

Yet for those who are addicted to gaming, gambling is an addiction just like alcoholism or even hard-drugs. I know a little bit about this stuff being an addictions counsellor and all. And the suicide rate for those who run afoul is huge. Yet little energy is devoted to addressing it. Governments and casino operators continue to rub their hands together with an evil cackle.



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