Haters are the ones who deserve our hatred the most

trumperinoHatred is a powerful word evoking a powerful emotion. Right now my tally of hatred is confined to one person, so that is pretty good. There are, of course, people I despise, deplore, abhor, abominate and so forth, but hatred is a pretty restrictive one.

Hatred is defined as ‘intense dislike or ill-will’, but I think it is a more powerful negative than the definition suggests.

I don’t go around hating a great deal because such opprobrium of grand magnitude demands a great deal of effort. Disliking is so much simpler and is normally based on inconsequentials like the way a person wears their hair or snaps their gum when they chew the crap. Actually, the chewing of gum renders somebody suspect, but if I truly like the individual I will try to ignore the transgression of gentility.

So, what do I dislike in some individuals?

snapping that aforementioned gum

excessive profanity. Nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned ‘fuck’ exclamation but when it’s gratuitously uttered or before small children or genteel oldsters then I balk.

public expressions of digestive noises (burps, farts, etc.) are not acceptable.

public expressions of sexual ardor likewise. Get a room, as some would say.

dumb political attitudes being held and of which I disagree. This one is optional, but if you are a sexist, racist, homophobe or religious bigot I will dislike you, be assured.

But true hatred seems to have become paramount in a world that has become increasingly disquieting. Where is this antagonism coming from. We have reactionary political swine who are basing their fortunes on being as detestable as possible. In the US Obama just might be the last ‘gentleman’ in office in our lifetimes. Christ, compared to crap like Trump, Cruz et al, Ronnie Reagan was the picture of courtliness and even old Tricky Dick Nixon was much more of a gent than a creep like Trump could ever dream of being.

Is this the new era people are seeking. As our personal fortunes diminish so that the one percent can gain even more the assholes are co-opting acolytes to their side, and the whole schtick is based on hatred.

This stuff frightens the crap out of me and leaves me feeling highly negative about our futures. I look at infants these days and shake my head about their future hopes.



2 responses to “Haters are the ones who deserve our hatred the most

  1. I watched a program about the rise of Hitler last night and the early days bear some interesting correlations with modern goings-on in the U.S.

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