Why I detest Donald Trump in 410 words

fucking trumpDon’t get me wrong here. I don’t loathe Donald Trump because he’s right wing. I have had a number of arch-conservative friends and while I don’t share their politics, I did not dislike them. So, that’s not it.

I don’t loathe him because he is a Republican. All my US relatives were good Republicans and I loved them dearly. They were GOP-ers of the Eisenhower and Reagan ilk. So, that’s not it. And furthermore, Trump is the farthest thing from a conventional Republican as any human could be.

To define my antagonism and fear of the reptilian man, let my say I loathe him because he is a lewd, crude, boorish and hideous excuse for humanity and how dare he run for the office he is running for. Nobody in prior history has come close to Trump in turdishness. Compared to Trump Al Capone was a class act.

In years past I never watched his hideous TV show. Even then I found him bullying and boorish and fucking plain mean. Like that repulsive kid in 9th grade (about his level of social maturity) Trump is instinctively capable of spotting a weakness in another and exploiting it to his own worth. Most 9th graders grow out of such behavior. Trump hasn’t. All of this leads me to suspect that he is a narcissistic sociopath and that possibility is frightening.

My rant here is not especially political in a conventional sense. Were I to live in the US I’d be gobsmacked with dismay thinking that Trump and Hillary were the best they could trot out. And be honest, if it weren’t for the existence of Trump Hillary likely wouldn’t have got the nod for her party. But with a prick like Trump on the other side they certainly weren’t going to send poor honorable Bernie into that rumble. You don’t send a knife to a gunfight, and with Trump it’d be a gunfight. So, you send in another street-fighter and have no delusions about Hillary, she can be dirty as needed. In that sense I am left with a wee bit of hope.

But, for Christ’s sake, are those two the best America can do? How terribly sad. Almost makes you long for the glory days of George Dubbya. At least the bozo was kind of a gent.

And, of course, Obama is a true gent, and in reaction to those 8 years we are left with the dregs of the system.


5 responses to “Why I detest Donald Trump in 410 words

  1. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    I am in fear of Trump as he is the kind if man who wants to start wars. Scary man. I do not think of him as being smart either. It is scary that we could not offer up better choices!

  2. I’m scared now that we might have that asshole governing the most powerful country in the world. I didn’t believe it could happen until recently. And because of that I say: Go Hillary!

  3. And secondly, I cannot think of enough shitty things to say about Trump

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