Well, I’ll be, dogs are all different. Who woulda thunk?

WendyIanMax1WMD1Dec081The other day Wendy noticed that Nelson was eating spent hibiscus blossoms lying on the lawn. Of course she asked me to do a web search to ascertain whether or not hibiscus syriacus was toxic for canines. Yep, it sure is. Not really, really toxic unless he was scarfing ten pounds of petals, but toxic nonetheless.

We have to pay heed to Nelson’s intake behavior because the damn little dog eats anything and everything. No manner of fruit on vines is safe from his gaping li’l maw. Oh and also bits of fir cones, little maple propellers and any sort of insect from ants to spiders. Nelson sees you, bug, and you are done for.

Waterlogue-2016-05-06-17-33-25As far as other foodstuffs are concerned he will consume everything, including fruits and vegetables. Nothing is off limits to him. It is so different from what we were used to with Max. To say Max was picky was to state the case mildly. He ate whatever dogfood we gave him; he loved scraps of meat and, like most dogs, he craved cheese. If the food, including treats, was animal in origin, Max was all for it. Otherwise, if it was vegetable or fruit-like in origin, Max was aghast at the concept and would turn up his handsome nose at the outrage of a suggested bit of carrot, apple or berry.

Another thing Nelson loves is puppy toys. Another thing that Max had zero interest in was puppy toys. We had a couple in his day. They went unmolested. Nelson has since acquired Max’s old toys and a bunch more of his own. In fact the damn living room is cluttered with them. I don’t really mind in truth. He has such fun with them. He actually talks to himself when he is playing with them and his outdoor delights around a thown ball are unlimited. If you threw a ball for Max he would look at the hand whence the projectile departed but show no interest in retrieving it.

No conclusive point to this essay other than to say that like people dogs differ and if you know one dog you don’t know them all.


4 responses to “Well, I’ll be, dogs are all different. Who woulda thunk?

  1. Who’d’a thunk it? šŸ˜‰

  2. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    Each animal I owned, more cats than dogs, have varied in their personalities, actions and reactions, habits and such. Some are mild-mannered and some had variations of temperaments. Each had a different voice, which I swear I would “hear” in my head. That makes each fur baby unique and memorable.

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