Daily Archives: August 8, 2016

Yes, we have no pajamas. We have no pajamas today

footed-pajamas-for-women1An astute friend just posted an item on Facebook wondering why traditional pjs have a little breast pocket on them. He speculated on the whys but could find no succinct answer for his conundrum.

For me the issue is not problematic since I stopped wearing sleep garb when I was about 14 and never went back. What with central heating nighttime togs are unneeded. Perhaps it is a generational thing. My dad wore jammies. Those awful so-called ‘ski’ pyjamas. Horrid misshapen things. My late father-in-law wore the conventional sort but used to button the tops right to the last buttonhole and then tucked the top into the trousers. I used to think, “why don’t you just wear your fucking business-suit to bed, you uptight bastard?

The last time I wore sleep attire was when we lived in England because the house was so damned cold at night. So, I wore a t-shirt and underpants. Once years ago I had a brief stay in hospital and my dear wife of the day rushed out and bought me some jammies. I wore them in the infirmary but once I’d been sprung I never wore them again. Have no idea what happened to them.

Mind you, as much as I reject nightwear on myself I thoroughly like sexy nighties and peignoirs on women. I especially favor highly filmy ones that make no bones about the fact women have nipples and pubic hair and gluteal cracks. Sexier than naked to me.

And that is about all I have to write on sleep attire or lack of it.