You’re telling me dear little Nelson is what? Ayyy, Chihuahua!!

'I just want you to know I've been reading  US Weekly and I'm literally ashamed of your behaviour.'

‘I just want you to know I’ve been reading US Weekly and I’m literally ashamed of your behaviour.’

Ever since we picked up Nelson a few months back we have been faced with the same conundrum we had to deal with in the early days of Max.

Rescue dogs both it comes down to a matter of figuring out their lineage. In the case of Max we bore with it for a few months and we had speculated that he was probably a German Shepherd cross, judging by appearances. Finally we had him DNA tested. Nope, not a corpuscle of shepherd. Predominantly a smooth-coat collie and malamute cross. We could live with that – easily. Fine breeds. Of course they also mention that he had a goodly amount of Chow in him. Neither of us really fancy Chows, so we chose to ignore that aspect of the boy’s heritage.

And now there is Nelson. Also of dubious parentage. To me he looks like a beagle. A teeny-tiny beagle. We do know he has terrier in him. His bro from his California puppyhood, whom we met at the foster home, is definitely a terrier, kind of Jack Russelish. As for the rest, well this is when I get irked. Wendy is opting for chihuahua. He is little like one. But, I don’t really like chihuahuas. Aren’t they kind of yappy and irksome? In my mind they are. But Nelson is definitely not yappy. Rarely hear him bark, which is a blessing.

So, I guess there is just one thing for it. We have to have him tested. But if the C-word breed prevails, what am I to do? If I held it against him would that not be like being a racial bigot? Something that is anathema to me.

So what is my problem here? I like Mexicans I have known and I definitely like Mexico, so their favored canine breed should be just muy bien for me. Well, it is, but maybe not by that name. Speedy Gonzales be damned. I know Speedy is a mouse, but he looks chihuahua-ish to me.

But a chihuahua. Aren’t those the little creatures Paris Hilton-sluts carry around in their bags? How am I to get over that?

Should worse come to worst I guess I will live with it, but I do hope Wendy is a bit wrong.

One response to “You’re telling me dear little Nelson is what? Ayyy, Chihuahua!!

  1. Beagle and pit bull. Snoopy and Petey.

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