What the ‘Quartet’ brings to me

dscn1068Hanging high on the living room wall across from the chair whence I have my morning coffee are four paintings, all created by me. I mean to say I have other self-generated paintings hanging on our walls, but these four have become quite special to me.

They are acrylics and they present scenes that have been inspiring at different times. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Wherry cross the Broads: An old wherry wends its way through very flat Norfolk farmland on the River Yare. On its way to Norwich to do something wherry-like. My year in Norfolk meant a great deal in my life and I wanted to depict a scene that captured the bucolic beauty of this unique place.

2. Croteau Beach walkway, Comox: A favorite local scene and a much-favored walking venue for dear old Max. Nothing much more to be said about it other than if you live locally or are visiting, take yourself down to Mack Laing Park or Macdonald Woods and take to the plank trail which skirts Comox Bay.

3. Departing the lovely Isle of Kauai at dusk: The aptly-named ‘Flower Island’ is the most beauteous of all the Hawaiian islands in my esteem. Have spent a great deal of time there through the years and always long to go back. In this instant we were departing via a cruise ship and I could hear the strains of Aloha Oe in my mind at the time. Always hated leaving Kauai.

4. The Cliffs of Moher: County Clare on Ireland’s stark west coast is a marvel, as is much of Ireland. These dramatic sea cliffs that plummet to the cold Atlantic evoked a powerful sense of wonder within me when I was there in the spring of 1981. Ireland gets into your blood and genes and I have always wanted to return. I can still hear the cries of the seabirds there.

What do these paintings give to me each morning with my booster-shot of caffeine? Just a time of quiet musing during which I picture myself at each spot and try to recapture (usually successfully) what they meant in my life. It’s a form of meditation and one that works for me.

Oh, and please disregard the intrusive Norfolk Island Pine frond. That’s where the tree is and nothing much I could do about that.


One response to “What the ‘Quartet’ brings to me

  1. roselefebvre24@comcast.net

    Talents you had not shared before! Nicely captured memories of place.

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