At the risk of being indelicate I shall be indelicate

outhouse-2-wesleyingWhenever I laugh I pee a little,” Tee-hee.

Me too,” says her friend, tee-heeing as well.

The place is an advert for something to do with menopause and its assorted symptoms including, it seems, urinary incontinence.

But, that’s not so bad. Pee happens. And even some leakage can happen and not just to menopausal women. And that’s all that needs to be said about that.

But, damp panties isn’t the only concern of the marketplace. They have merrily moved to the far side of the nether anatomy and are stressing over whether or not you are wiping your bum clean when you’re using the wrong toilet paper. Bathroom tissue used to be concerned with such matters as softness, but now the big question is: “Is it up to what some might call a shitty job?” and a rather obnoxiously voiced woman happily shares her skidmark insecurities with us all in that regard.

For crissake do we really want to hear about these functions, in a gratuitously frank way, yet? Is bum-condition now a societal concern?

I’ve been around for a while and realize that we all ‘function’. I’ll place a safe-bet that most of you do, as well. But, do we have to be bombarded by poop-paper hucksters telling us about the virtues of their product. We buy the stuff and that’s all we need to know.

In other words, is nothing sacred? Does everything have to be shared?

While I am not pathological about it, I really am an immodest person when it comes to matters like nudity. I’ve been to au naturel beaches and quite frankly approve of swimming like Adam and Eve. In moments of intimacy I have never had any hesitation about doffing trou even if I had never been with the person before. ‘First time’ never left me with shyness. We have our ‘junk’ and if we have been around for a while we’ve all seen it and have perhaps delighted in seeing the accoutrements for the first time.

Even potty time holds no special fears for me. I don’t mind peeing if another is present. I have no pee-shyness (which is an actual pathology with some).

I reckon my casualness is based on the fact that I was raised in a highly modest home. Never was there nudity in our presence and ‘functioning’ was never referred to in Anglo-Saxonisms but invariably in ‘cute’ euphemisms. My mother thought the word ‘piss’ was disgusting and profane, and wasn’t even comfortable with ‘pee’. No point in going to that ‘other’ function that the bumwad ladies on TV were talking about. Just wouldn’t have happened.

Maybe it’s a hangover from childhood that offends me about the ad. ‘Nice people’ don’t discuss such matters and grown ladies don’t pee their pants, either.


2 responses to “At the risk of being indelicate I shall be indelicate


    I agree. I hate those commercials and wish that were not discussed on them. Seems like they are getting way too personal in commercials nowadays.

  2. Yes TMI u have to love big business anything to increase the bottom line however distasteful

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