I guess it behooves me to give a bit of thanks

thanksgiv-dayIt is Thanksgiving Weekend here in the frozen north. Or, ‘Thanksgiving Lite’ as we like to think of it. None of the aforementioned is true, including Frozen North, except in the bad parts of the country, but not here. And the Thanksgiving Lite is just waggishness.

Be that as it may, Monday is Canuck Thanksgiving and the ‘lite’ part is reflective of the fact we only get one lousy day off rather than the two the Americans get.

Thanks giving in Canada is kind of odd. When we were in school we were taught about the Pilgrim Fathers and all that fol-de-rol. What utter bullshit. We didn’t have Pilgrim Fathers in Canada. We did have turkeys and we stole whatever we could from the natives, so in that we were of accord, but the rest of it is all US tradition, not ours. Not entirely sure what ours is based on other than that it goes back a long way and the advantage being that it doesn’t juxtapose Christmas like the US one does. I have honestly no idea how Canadian Thanksgiving came about and I am not about to research it now.

However, Thanksgiving is all about giving ‘thanks’, gratitude and so forth. I believe in expressions of gratitude, though some days I have my doubts.

What I am thankful for:

having enough to eat so that I can debate whether I do or don’t want turkey. I’ll opt for prime rib any old time, as I think turkey is horribly overrated, but we’ll probably have it. The bonus is turkey sandwiches and they are the best part of that stupid bird.

– that I don’t live in a country with a Donald Trump. Oh we live in a country with a lot of Trump wannabes, but not the real deal.

that I have a nice home and a nice wife and a lovely little dog.

– that I am sober and have been for two decades.

– and while I have some health challenges I am still relatively functional.

– that I have some dear friends; some old-time ones and some new and some right here on Facebook, including some I have never met but whom I love nonetheless.

– I have been married three times and this marriage works best of all. But I also was, over the years, ‘involved’ with some amazing women all of whom I cherish to this day and do not regret those involvements for a moment. But, they will stay in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And eat a ton of pumpkin pie if you can find it under the mandatory whipped cream.

2 responses to “I guess it behooves me to give a bit of thanks

  1. Mmm pie!!!

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