He suffers a lack of ‘Maxness’ but we don’t care at all

dscn1015Today we took Nelson to the dentist. How you know that you live in a first-world society is that you take your dog to the dentist. I mean, really.

Buy there is justification for such egregious excess when there are hungry people even in our society. When Nelson was 3 months old he was hit with distemper. An ailment that could have easily killed him and did wipe out half the litter. It left him with nerve damage that gave him a wonky leg and it compromised the enamel on his teeth.

So, we made an appointment with a doggy-dentist to find out what the deal was. Well, we did find out that he has an ‘underbite’ and that was as far as we got this morning. He then had to be put under for x-rays to happen and that meant we had to leave him there – possibly even overnight.

Overnight! He’ll be scared. He’s just a wee bit of a thing. We don’t know for sure yet whether we do or don’t get him back today. But this little adventure has proved one thing to me. He suffers, of course, from the affliction of “not being Max” and that took me a while to get my head around. His paucity of Maxness is significant He is very small – 13 lbs as opposed to 80. He likes to play quite frantically. Max didn’t play, at least in terms of chasing balls and sticks; Nelson lives for such shenanigans.

Nelson likes to climb on the bed at night. Max never did. You literally could not make him. It wasn’t his territory. Nelson loves all manner of foodstuffs; as well as dogfood, which he favors, he is open to fruit and veggies of all types. Max believed he was a carnivore and carnivores eat meat and let that be an end of such a discussion

Anyway, they are (were) righteous dogs in their own way and only shared the similarity, as Plato would have it, in their ‘dogness’.

And both were, are hugely lovable. Both were rescues, and it kind of broke my heart a little bit to leave Nelson with an unfamiliar doggy dentist this morning.

I think perhaps we’ve bonded. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed such a thing was possible, to ‘bond’ with a dog that wasn’t Max.


6 responses to “He suffers a lack of ‘Maxness’ but we don’t care at all

  1. It was fairly obvious from your posts that you were not really bonding. My best cat was when I was 12 to 15 or so (my ages, not the cat’s). It took me years to stop comparing other cats to Henrik. I finally got to where I just appreciate the differences. But, yes, Henrik was awesome. We used to play hide and go seek together. He would follow me across the road to the back door of our country store, which was open. I would say, “Henrik, wait out here, I won’t be long.dont come in because there is a crazy chihuahua in there.” I’d go in, make my purchases, chat a bit, go back out the back door and Henrik would be standing there waiting and then follow me back to the house. He was really something special.

  2. I sounds a lot like you have finally adopted him Ian. Which is a beautiful thing. He’s a lucky pup. And from the sound of it you are a lucky Pup Dad. 🙂 ❤

  3. If they need you…you bond.

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