OK, I’ll strive to be 1/20th as good as Sedaris. That’d work for me


I am feeling a yen to get back to my ‘serious’ writing. That may be a bit of a tautology in that I consider all my writing to be serious. If not serious in nature then serious in intent. I don’t think I have ever written anything for public exposure in which I did not have serious intent. That is why I am such a raving neurotic.

But now I am trying to be firm of resolve and get back to the stuff I was endeavoring to make a reality and that is to get words of wisdom or something off to a publisher. Something of such calibre it will prompt an underwear dampening orgasm for whoever reads what I have offered. Or at least a nod of approval in my direction.

This yen to get back to it just might have been prompted by the fact that a former toiler in the ink-stained-wretch trade who once resided in these parts and whom I got to know well in those days, has just had a book published. Even though I admire this fellows skills as a scribe and have for years (and he in days of yore admired what I had to offer a readership) I just may or may not be referencing Jack Knox. I’ll try to keep mum on that.

But part of my resolve to get back ‘at it’ may stem from the inspiration of this Knoxian character who will soon be driving a Bentley and having Adele over to the house to provide entertainment of an evening. I know how your writers live. That is as long as the Knoxian fellow doesn’t pull a shiv on his spouse like Mailer did. If I were referencing Knox, which some may think I am, I know his missus and she is a nice lady.

Sitting amidst my files are thousands of line inches of ‘copy’ as we, including this Knox-like fellow, used to say in the trade. But to be impressive I will choose to call them manuscripts. Included therein is an autobiography of sorts. I say ‘of sorts’ because what I have written does not follow conventional biographical patterns. In other words, there isn’t a beginning, middle and end.

In my personal quest I was inspired by the style of David Sedaris. And since I don’t possess even an 18th of his talent, it didn’t seem like an unreasonable concept. I can see the blurbs now: “Why this new writer has at least 1/19th the skill of Sedaris.” Something to strive for to be found in such accolades.

So, as I fail in my quest to become the 19th as good as Sedaris manque I’d best get back to it so that I might realize being 20th as good is fine for me.

Watch this space. I’ll be back.


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