My final word on a ghastly election

hillary-and-trumpI won’t be so vulgar as to say I soiled myself yesterday morning when the final Trumpian tally was in, but suffice it to say I was happy I had visited the loo before switching on the TV.

Of course the proverbial writing was on the wall before I went to bed the night before as poor old Hillary was desperately trying to make gains in Florida and North Carolina. It didn’t look good and I thought by the time I turned in: “The cocksucker is going to make it. I know it.”

Without reservations I wanted Hillary to win. And some felt she deserved to. Guess I did, considering the hideous (boorish, crass, vulgar, bullying) alternative. But I didn’t think she necessarily deserved to. First, I never really liked the woman especially. She just didn’t resonate. I saw her as fiercely ambitious and self-motivated. Some of this goes back to her forgiveness of Bill when he stuck his wayward dick where it shouldn’t have been. She should have dumped him then, and it was obvious she thought the optics might hurt her. The ambition was there and it was a ruthless ambition. So, she chose to stay the course, hoping to capitalize on it when the day came.

Now don’t take it that I am disparaging her skill set. She is a brilliant person and probably far more talented than her one-time wayward spouse. But at so many levels she blew the opportunity, and it was nothing to do with her sex. She played it wrong. She seemed to have little idea of whom she should be wooing. She held rallies that trotted out musical and Hollywood names. Why would an unschooled and/or unemployed Rustbelt denizen give a shit what George Clooney thinks? Michael Moore called that one right when he opined Trump was appealing to the unwashed, and likely unschooled, at a visceral level. The PhDs may have loved her, but the rube from a Kentucky hill shack would have seen little to embrace. But, hit him with a dude who thinks with his pecker and isn’t afraid to go out and hang with the unscholarly and you have Trump ‘trumping’ with the right cards.

Trump always reminded me of an 8th grade loutish bully. A Ted Nugent of politics. Well, shee-it, that is the kind of pol our Kentucky friend (or West Virginia, or Michigan) friend is going to relate to. A guy who calls it like it is, Hillary can’t call it like it is because she likely doesn’t know where it ‘is’ and she showed it in her campaign. She was bound to be uneasy with the ‘dirthead’ ilk.

Now Trump may be richer than Midas but, oddly, he has a common touch. Jimmy Carter had that too, and Hillary should have taken a page from his book. Likewise Bernie Sanders (the scuttling of whom might have been the dumbest Democratic move). But ultimately it was all for Hillary.

And ultimately the price was paid. And the country was left with a kind of despicable individual in the Oval Office. If weeping would do any good I would gladly weep at the dumbness of it all. .


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