Why do I care what you have strapped to y0ur scrawny wrist?

conductorI knew it would finally come to this. The $10 watch I acquired at Wal-Mart on the Big Island of Hawaii some two-and-a-half years ago finally ticked its last tock.

Actually, It didn’t tick at all since it was battery powered. And that was what happened, the battery bit the dust. Ten bucks for over two years of time keeping. I have no complaints.

So did I go out and get another battery inserted in that 10 buck chronometer? I did not. I merely went and purchased a classy looking new watch for $19.95. And the Hawaiian watch can now join the 27 or so other defunct timepieces I have stashed in a drawer in my bedroom closet.

They’re not all cheap throwaways those chronometer remnants in the drawer. I have an Omega there. A wind-up Omega that I bought in Switzerland decades ago. But the bracelet is broken and I haven’t bothered to get it fixed. And I have a couple of Seicos. Nice watches. Dead batteries. Aye, there’s the rub with battery watches.

But, I have decided that cheapos is the way to go. In the first place, well, they’re inexpensive and they look good. They look every bit as nice as those gazillion dollar Rolexes and such that they advertise in mags like Esquire. I mean, who is to know? Furthermore, who is to care? Who gives a shit about how another tells time. I have a few friends – really I do – and I haven’t the slightest inkling of what brand of timepiece any of them have strapped to their wrists. If you have to grandstand about the brand of watch you have then perhaps you should get a grip.

2 responses to “Why do I care what you have strapped to y0ur scrawny wrist?

  1. Why keep them? Why not just dump the cheap ones if you’re not changing the batteries?

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