We’re not raising a roughy-tough-tough generation this way

wintaI went into a bit of a mini-rant this morning about how they closed the schools due to a paltry 2 inches of snow on the roads.

I don’t care what sort of excuse they might make, and such excuses have been proliferating, I think it’s a disgrace and an insult to parents and the taxpaying public. Learn to be tough, you little blighters. You’ll thank me for it later. And the bonus is when you are aged you can lambaste the little peckers of that day with how tough you had it. Not just tough, but roughy-tough-tough.

Now most of you of a certain age will note that global warming has as a side-effect, wimpy weather. Not like the true ballsy weather we had. Seriously, it was colder in them days. In the first place the schools were not closed due to a skiff – yes, a skiff, because that is all we have, maybe even a skiffette it’s so small – of snow.

And it was cold. I told a friend this morning how Deer Lake in Burnaby used to freeze so solidly that a couple of bozos actually took a car out onto the ice and the ice didn’t even crack. Yep, we had Saskatchewan cold here in coastal BC. Not every year, but at least, in my recall, every other year.

When I first came to the Comox Valley we regularly skated at Woodrow’s Farm on Knight Rd. And at what crass newbies call the Comox Wetlands, but we older buggers call Radford’s Swamp. Good skating there down amongst the trees. It was also a time, when we lived at Pt. Holmes, that we would leave a faucet dripping overnight so that the pump and pipes wouldn’t freeze up. One time we were negligent and all froze solid. It wasn’t fun melting snow to dump into the toilet tank so that we could use the potty. Good times.

Icicles. We actually used to get icicles in these parts. When did you last see an icicle?

So come on those who make school closure decisions, encourage a bit of spunk in your young charges. They are the future, and soft people hanging out in malls on what should be a school day by all rights aren’t going to make the grade.

2 responses to “We’re not raising a roughy-tough-tough generation this way

  1. When you were in England, did you see the Giles cartoons in The Express? One of his favourite characters was a schoolmaster called Chalky – a cadaverous individual who in cold weather would have the overcoated pupils hopping round the classroom to keep warm.

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