What a drag it is getting old

mri-10I don’t like to whine. Truly I don’t. Don’t believe everything my wife tells you. But right now I think I am entitled to a plaint.

On Friday I went to see my sawbones to address once again a condition I have been distressed about for two-plus years. In essence my walking ability has become hugely compromised. Now, I love to walk, and if I have a pup in tow, so much the better. Of late those perambulations have become truly challenging.

Wendy first noticed a couple of years ago that I was dragging my left foot a bit. Well, it all sort of went downhill from there. In the meantime I have had virtually every test know to medical science; MRI, CT-Scan, Inner ear scan and so forth. I have also taken physiotherapy programs and for a lazy bugger like me that must mean something ain’t right.

Meanwhile my walking continued to deteriorate. Added to which I developed a propensity for falling. Like those old TV ads “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” they are no longer amusing because it’s true. I have bruises on my knees to attest to my reality and frankly it scares the shit out of me. It scares Wendy, too, because what if I go down when she’s not here? I just have to make sure I don’t. Meanwhile simple procedures become challenging. A couple of weeks ago I slipped getting out of the shower. To thwart my fall I grabbed the shower curtain. That didn’t work for shit. The whole thing came down and I whacked the back of my neck on the edge of the tub.

I have since learned to not be blase about any task and that helps considerably.

Anyway, my condition has a name. It is Vascular Parkinsonism. Not the same as Parkinson’s Disease and it is not progressive in the same way, blessedly. It stems from a series of small strokes I have had since 2008.

Will it get better? That remains to be seen. The ailment has a tendency to ‘plateau’ at times in which the symptoms can abate somewhat, though they don’t go away. It won’t kill me and it could be something much worse.

But I don’t like to ‘faw down and go boom’. Can you blame me?

Thanks for your tolerance for this intensely personal blog.

4 responses to “What a drag it is getting old

  1. I hope putting a name to what ails you will bring you some sort of closure, and allow you to move forward, Ian. It might not go away, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb. Call it names, take the physio no matter what kind of bad taste it leaves and move along. Most of all, please try not to be bitter about it. Those of us who know you accept is as part of who you are now, and those who don’t accept it can take a flying you-know-what.

  2. Yes, indeed. Getting old has it’s challenges. I have parts of me that hurt I had no idea existed before. I’ve had parts of me removed, some pretty big ones. I need to rest more just when I want to DO more. It’s frustrating. One good thing is that my pension cheques keep coming.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Ian. Receiving a neuro-disease diagnosis is neither easy to hear nor accept. Or so I have found. (RRMS for me). Things could definitely be worse.
    We are lucky in many ways with our health care, availability of physios, mobility aids, healthy foods and on…
    That said, it still sucks.
    Have found Jared H. at Ascent Physio to be very helpful, btw.
    After accepting my diagnosis, I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders and it was easier to make plans.
    All the best to you, Ian, happy painting, and cheers,
    Susan Reddekop

  4. Who you callin’ old? Get off my lawn!

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