Cherished flip-flops are about to join the immortals


As you, o my constant reader (or maybe even readers, I’m in an optimistic mood) are by now fully aware, I returned from two weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii less than a week ago. But, I’m not here to gloat about the splendidness of my vacation, but to speak of footwear.

To be precise, flip-flops.

Hawaii is a place that demands a fair amount of doffing of outerwear and one doesn’t go there with a coat or even socks. My footwear of preference is at least sandals and especially flip-flops (to which I refer to them as being as thongs are charming dental-floss-like undies that should not be worn by females over 110 lbs, and arguably just barely post-puberty.

Anyway, nubile young ridiculously tanned females not withstanding – sorry, I got distracted for a moment – I truly am here to talk about flip-flops.

Over the years I, like you no doubt, have owned roughly 9,786 pairs of those little rubber-soled creations. I have owned so many of them because they tend to tall apart after just a few wearings. Or, such was the case with ones that I had owned – until I got the magic flip-flops.

DSCN0506Magic indeed. Though their origins were prosaic enough – they were born probably someplace in southeast Asia, and saw the light of my special day in the shoe section of a Wal-Mart store in Lihue, Kauai. That is, they came to me in Hawaii – at the very least a decade ago. They have never worn out or broken.

And just last week they returned from at least their 5th trip back to the islands they came from, and they returned fully intact. How many more wearings they have in them I have no idea. I thought this time that if they fell apart then I would lay them to rest in the land in which they were purchased, but here they are back here with me. The way they’re going I may never have to get another pair.

Rather than the conventional rubber inner-sole of most flip-flops, these ones have a loofah inner lining. It’s great. They dry in a trice and beach sand slips right through them. Wendy and I each bought a pair that one time and we have never looked back.

And I am happy they’re back here with me once again.

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